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Online Masters Degree in Tourism Management

The specialized coursework offered in an accredited online master in tourism management program is designed to teach students how to efficiently run a business while providing a comfortable experience for tourists and other guests. Though an online bachelor’s degree in tourism management is enough to be considered for some management positions, earning an online master degree in tourism management helps graduates secure higher paying positions. Most online master’s degree programs in tourism management culminate in a capstone course, which often requires fieldwork and research. Although some schools offer an online PhD in tourism management, there is very little demand for PhD graduates apart from university employers.

What are the admission requirements for an online master’s in tourism management?

Several of the top online masters degree programs in tourism management require applicants to submit the following for admissions purposes:

  • Application form
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Personal statement or Essay
  • Letters of recommendation

These programs generally prefer candidates that have either a bachelors degree in tourism management from an accredited school or a bachelors degree in a related field such as:

  1. Business
  2. Restaurant Management
  3. International Studies
  4. Real Estate
  5. Human Resources

What types of online master’s degrees in tourism management can students pursue?

Accredited online schools offer a broad range of online masters degrees in tourism management.

And, because tourism management is a broad field, in order to become a specialist in a specific field, students often pursue specialties or concentrations.

Common online areas of focus include:

  • Gaming and Casino Management: Online masters degree tourism management students will learn the fundamentals of gaming, cash management and casino security. They will also learn how to properly market gaming, as well as how to remain in compliance with gaming legislation.
  • Sustainable Tourism Management: Online master’s degree tourism management students are shown how a commitment to sustainable environmental practices can give a business a competitive advantage. They will explore the ways that tourism enhances a region’s natural surroundings.
  • Sports Management: Online master’s degree tourism management students will learn how to analyze, evaluate and improve sports organizations and products. They will learn to apply these skills to both professional and amateur organizations.
  • Event and Meeting Management: Online master in tourism management students will learn how to plan and oversee various events such as business meetings, festivals and expositions. They will become familiar with relevant technologies and marketing techniques to increase the profitability and attendance of their events.
  • Community Recreation: Online master’s degree tourism management students will receive instruction in the intricacies of working with public institutions. They will learn how to assess populations and explore methods of funding quality-of-life projects.

What can students expect to learn in an online tourism management master’s degree program?

The best online master’s degree programs in tourism management typically teach skills in areas such as critical thinking, time management and decision making as well as assist students in expanding their knowledge of administration, management, economics and customer service.

Popular classes taken by students enrolled in top online masters programs in tourism management include:

  1. Tourism Industry Concepts and Practices: This online tourism management masters degree course serves to broaden students’ awareness of decision-making practices in the tourism industry. Students are taught to consider the fundamentals of the tourism industry when making decisions that affect supply and demand.
  2. Mastering Technology in a Hospitality Operational Setting: New technologies and operating systems are the basis of this tourism management masters degree online course. Students are instructed in using technology to track performance metrics and adapting those technologies to different aspects of the industry.
  3. Natural Resource Management and Tourism: Through this tourism management masters degree online course, students gain an understanding of tourism’s impact on certain ecosystems, as well as the latest efforts to minimize that impact.

What careers can students pursue after graduating from tourism management masters programs online?

Graduates of online tourism management masters programs may choose from a variety of different job options.

Some popular career choices for graduates are:

  1. Lodging Manager: Lodging managers are responsible for seeing that hotels, lodges and similar establishments are run efficiently and profitably, providing guests with the best experience possible. Lodging managers, on average, earn $46,880 a year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for lodging managers  is expected to grow by about 8%. 
  2. Human Resources Manager: Online master’s degrees in tourism management can aid in being hired as a human resources manager within the tourism industry. Human resources managers handle staffing issues and enforce policies. On average, human resources managers earn $99,180 a year. The U.S. BLS expects the demand for this position to grow by 13%.
  3. Food Service Manager: Restaurants and other eating establishments operate well thanks to the hard work of food service managers. The average annual salary for a food service manager is $48,130. According to the U.S. BLS, the growth rate for this position is expected to decline by 3%.
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