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Best Masters in Health Administration Degree Programs for 2013-2014

Graduates with a Master in Health Administration (MHA) are qualified for positions at organizations including acute care providers, public health and policy organizations, consulting firms, health insurance firms, managed care organizations, and research/policy advocacy cheap michael kors bagsorganizations. Some popular job titles in the field and their corresponding salary include Chief Executive Officer ($180,000/year), Practice Administrator ($80,000/year), Hospital Administrator ($77,195/year), and more. Of course, work experience is essential for working up to these positions, but one way professionals can get a head start is by getting a MHA. Here is what to look for in a Master in Health Administration program.

Career Preparation

Many public health employers look for candidates straight from the best MHA programs. By attending a school which emphasis post-graduate career placement and career goal counseling, professionals working on their MHA can rest assured that they won’t get out of school and wind up floundering to find a job above the position they held without a master’s.


Prospective students should consider the curriculum offered by different MHA programs. A well rounded program will offer a core of economic, health, statistics, and organizational theory courses as well as specialization courses. The first curriculum decision a student will make is whether they are interested in achieving a Master of Art or Master of Science. Professionals who are interested in entering into the field of health administration research will need to get a Master of Science.


Beyond going the in-field or research route, MHA students also have the opportunity to specialize in a niche field of health administration. Aspiring students who already know what they wish to specialize in will want to make sure their programs of interest offer a range of classes in this particular realm of student. Popular specializations include Management, Operations and Leadership, Health Policy Analysis, Health Finance, Health Information Technology, and Quality of Care.

Some of the top ranked Master in Health Administration programs offer part-time evening programs and executive degrees for working professionals who want to continue their full time job while attending school. However, before schedule flexibility, prospective students should focus on the quality of each program to make their decision on where to attend. Below is a list of the top ranked MHA programs. The rankings were determined by data from colleges on graduates from the program, who is accepted to the program, student and teacher surveys, and more.

Rush University

Rush University, with one of the top-ranked medical centers in the United States, offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health Sciences. The degree prepares graduates to take over leadership and administration positions within hospitals and other health care facilities. Graduates can also go on to pursue research opportunities or teach at the university level.

University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota offers a Master of Healthcare Administration degree for students interested in pursuing high-level management positions in health care facilities. A full-time program is offered, as is an Executive program designed for working professionals. The Executive program is designed to be finished in 25 months with limited time on campus, allowing those physicians and other health care professionals time to balance work and personal responsibilities.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University, ranked among the top ten graduate programs in healthcare management by U.S. News and World Report, offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students seeking career advancement into positions of leadership in medical facilities. The university has been a leader in healthcare management since 1947, having almost seven decades of experience in education, research and service.

University of Iowa

University of Iowa offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students pursuing management opportunities in health care. Students are trained in financial analysis, volunteer coordination and everything in between when it comes to running a hospital, assisted-living facility or other medical facility. Students in the program participate in summer internships between years one and two, working with and observing executives in various workplaces.

Brandman University

Brandman University offers a Master of Healthcare Innovation with an emphasis on Healthcare Administration. Students in the program learn how to develop new ideas to help deliver better health care at lower costs, enabling both patients and staff to benefit. The program is designed to individuals already employed in healthcare or related fields, and most classes can be completed online. Residencies are required twice before graduation to complete capstone projects and attend seminars with faculty and other students.

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina offers a Master of Healthcare Administration degree with an emphasis on Health Policy and Management. Students in the program get to take advantage of the world-class healthcare facilities of the university, learning from award-winning and experienced medical faculty willing to share their knowledge with motivated students.

Missouri State University

Missouri State University offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students seeking administrative positions in healthcare organizations. Students can choose from an Accelerated degree or Executive degree format, depending upon if they are full or part-time students. The degrees combine online courses with traditional courses to give students a good balance between work and school.

University of North Florida

University of North Florida offers a Master's degree in Health Administration that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become administrators in healthcare facilities. Part and full-time students are eligible for acceptance, and all students have the opportunity to work with some of the nation's biggest healthcare providers. Internship and summer employment positions are available with such places as the Mayo Clinic, Blue Cross Blue Shield and others.

Western Connecticut State University

Western Connecticut State University offers a Master of Health Administration degree which gives students opportunities for success as healthcare administrators. The program is designed for part-time students who are already employed in healthcare or related fields, with classes being held on evenings or weekends.

University of La Verne

University of La Verne offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students wishing to enter healthcare administration or who are seeking career advancement into similar positions. For those with no previous healthcare experience, an internship is required in a hospital, nursing home or assisted-living facility.

Pfeiffer University

Pfeiffer University offers a Master of Health Administration degree that is provided as a dual degree. Students can select a dual degree option of an MBA or Master of Leadership degree, giving students additional knowledge for career advancement. Students can take advantage of study abroad opportunities in Europe, England, Liberia and Canada.

Tulane University of Louisiana

Tulane University of Louisiana offers graduate degrees in Health Administration. Both the Master's and Doctoral programs are offered as dual MD/MPH degrees, giving students the opportunity to combine their interest in medicine with administration. Students use a combination of online and traditional classes, along with internships and summer employment, to network with and learn from executives in various healthcare positions.

Trident University International

Trident University International offers an online Master of Health Administration degree that allows students to pursue their education while still managing work and family responsibilities. Students can choose from several concentrations including Conflict Resolution Management, Health Informatics and Health Care Quality Assurance.

University of Scranton

University of Scranton offers a Master of Health Administration degree that is considered one of the best in the country. Students can choose from the MHA degree, a dual MD/MHA degree or an accelerated degree option. The school is well-known for its work in applied research, with many faculty having works published in leading academic journals.

Regis College

Regis College offers a Master of Health Administration degree designed for working professionals. A total of 42 credit hours is needed for graduation, and many classes are offered on evenings and weekends. Some classes are offered online, allowing even greater flexibility with one's classes. The program can be completed by full-time students in sixteen months, with part-time students taking up to two years.

University of Missouri

University of Missouri offers a Master of Health Administration degree for busy professionals. Implemented in 1965, the program offers both traditional classroom programs and combination programs using traditional and online classes. Graduates of the program often find employment in such facilities as surgery centers, hospitals, academic health centers and other places.

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University offers graduate degree programs in Health Administration. Students can choose from dual degrees in MHA/MD or MHA/JD, a Master of Health Administration, a Master of Science in Health Administration and a Ph.D. in Health Administration. One of the nation's first health administration programs to achieve full accreditation, it recently received accreditation for an additional six years.

University of Michigan

University of Michigan offers a Master of Health Services Administration. Students learn about such areas as finances, marketing and management of healthcare facilities while learning about various delivery methods of healthcare. All students are required to complete a 12-week internship in a healthcare setting, with 98% of students reporting having a positive experience and many receiving job offers upon completion.

University of Southern Indiana

University of Southern Indiana offers a graduate degree in Health Administration. Students in the program receive training in various areas of healthcare management such as finance, marketing and human resources. The program emphasizes research and practical experience, requiring students to complete an internship during their first and second years. Many students report receiving job offers upon completing an internship, with many others going on to further graduate studies and research.

Our Lady of the Lake College

Our Lady of the Lake College offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students wishing to pursue career advancement within healthcare management. The college has been at the forefront of these educational programs, having established this program in 2010 to address the need in the Baton Rouge area for healthcare administrators. Upon completing the 52 credit hour program, graduates will be able to find employment in hospitals, long-term care facilities, private practices and other settings.

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

University of Oklahoma Health Services Center offers its students a Master of Health Administration degree designed for those students seeking to become senior administrators in healthcare facilities. The 60 credit hour program consists of internships as well as classroom study, consulting projects and role-playing exercises. Most students are placed in fellowships upon graduation, allowing them to gain experience while working with experienced executives.

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis offers a Master of Health Administration degrees to students planning on careers as healthcare administrators. The school has a long history of graduating students who go on to become administrators in hospitals, long-term care facilities, government agencies and more. Students can gain additional experience while in school by participating in paid summer internships, practicums and part-time healthcare jobs in various places.

University of North Texas-Health Science Center

University of North Texas Health Science Center offers a Master of Health Administration degree to students with a desire to be medical facility administrators in Texas and elsewhere. Students use a combination of coursework and field experience to gain experience and knowledge about healthcare administration. The degree can be completed entirely online, making it a popular choice for working professionals.

Webster University

Webster University offers students a Master of Healthcare Administration degree entirely online. Students in this program can complete classes at their convenience, making it easy to balance personal and professional responsibilities. The school offers students opportunities to attend seminars and workshops sponsored by the college on various healthcare topics.

University of Maryland

University of Maryland offers a Master of Health Administration degree to students wishing to become healthcare administrators. The university's close proximity to Washington, D.C. and government agencies such as the FDA and National Institute of Health give students the opportunity to gain valuable experience by obtaining internships in these and other agencies.

University of South Florida

University of South Florida offers a Master of Health Administration degree for students interested in careers as healthcare administrators. A total of 56 credit hours is needed for graduation, and students can gain valuable experience in the field by completing internships, practicums and part-time employment during the summer.

Georgia State University

Georgia State University offers both Master's degrees in Health Administration and dual degrees in Health Administration. Dual degrees are offered in MHA/MBA, MHA/JD and an interesting triple play of MHA/MBA/JD for those students who take motivation to a whole new level. Graduates of these programs go on to become administrators in various healthcare facilities including hospitals, long-term care facilities and other medical offices.

University of the Incarnate Word

University of the Incarnate Word, one of the Southwest's top-rated liberal arts schools, offers a Master of Healthcare Administration degree that can be completed either through traditional classroom instruction or totally online. After completing 36 credit hours, graduates can look forward to obtaining positions as administrators in hospitals, group practices and other clinical settings.

University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina offers students a dual MHA/JD degree for those wanting both a background in healthcare and law. The dual degree allows students to complete both degrees in a shorter period of time, allowing them to enter the workforce quicker and put their skills to good use. The dual degree is an excellent choice for those students wanting not only positions as healthcare administrators, but also those wanting to practice law with a specialty in healthcare.

University of Memphis

University of Memphis, offering the only accredited MHA program in the state of Tennessee, provides students the opportunity to obtain a Master of Health Administration degree online. A big part of the program is the internship. Since the degree is online, most students are part-time and able to secure their own placement, often where they are already working. Students who need assistance finding placements can count on the department, which has an excellent reputation throughout Memphis and surrounding areas for graduating excellent students.

Saint Joseph's University

Saint Joseph's University offers a Master of Science degree in Health Administration, a Master of Science in Long-term Care Administration and a dual Master of Science MHA/Health Education degree. Students who wish to specialize in long-term care or education can choose dual degrees, while those students wanting a general overview of healthcare administration can choose the single option.

University of Florida

University of Florida, ranked as one of the top 20 public institutions in the United States, offers a Master of Health Administration degree which provides students with many opportunities to gain valuable experience. Students perform research projects both individually and with faculty, allowing them to gain a better understanding of how problems can be solved.

California State University

California State University offers a Master of Science in Health Administration at the Northridge campus. A total of 45 credit hours is needed for graduation, and all students are required to complete field training with a healthcare organization. The program is also helped by advice from the Practitioner Advisory Committee, consisting of a group of healthcare managers who help shape the curriculum.

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State

Pennsylvania State University, known as Penn State, is ranked in the top one percent of schools nationwide. Having the largest alumni network worldwide, the school is known for its rigorous academic standards and advanced research projects in many fields, including healthcare. Offering a Master of Health Administration degree, the school provides classes in the evenings for part-time students, allowing them to complete the degree in 2-4 years.

Governors State University

Governors State University, offering the only CAHME accredited program in an Illinois public university, gives students the opportunity to earn a widely-acclaimed Master of Health Administration degree. Requiring 54 credit hours for graduation, students learn human resources, marketing, community health and more while working toward their degree. With demand for health administrators expected to grow by 26 percent per year, this degree is an excellent choice for future employment.

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh offers students a Master of Health Administration degree that can lead to an exciting career as a healthcare administrator. The university uses a combination of classroom work and discussion, field experience and state-of-the-art technology to help students gain the needed skills and knowledge to become leaders in healthcare.

Clayton State University

Clayton State University offers a Master of Healthcare Administration degree. The school is well-known in the Atlanta area for the quality of its graduates, and offers students every opportunity to succeed. A generous amount of financial aid is usually awarded to those needing to finance their graduate education, and the state-of-the-art campus technology is second to none when used in the healthcare curriculum.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University, the largest private college on Long Island, offers students a Master of Health Administration degree. Using small classes and experienced faculty, the school provides opportunities for internships and research projects to compliment classroom studies. Students can also join the Future Healthcare Leaders, a student-run organization that helps with networking within the local healthcare industry.

Midwestern State University

Midwestern State University offers students a Master of Health Administration degree. The school provides students with small classes, individual attention from faculty and the latest technology to help them become healthcare administrators nationally and internationally. Internships, practicums, part-time employment and fellowships are used to help students earn a living while gaining valuable experience.

University of St Francis

University of St. Francis offers a Master of Science in Health Administration to students who have been employed in healthcare for a number of years, and who are seeking career advancement. Designed for working professionals, the curriculum is rigorous yet delivered in convenient fashion. Most classes are delivered online, with some offered in evenings or on Saturdays at various campus locations across the country.

Weber State University

Weber State University offers students a Master of Health Administration degree that gets results. Designed for working professionals, the program focuses on self-development, critical thinking skills and a love for life-long learning. Students who begin this program usually finish, with rates of completion averaging between 95-100 percent. Students who complete the program usually waste little time in finding the job they want, with between 75-86 percent of students having a job offer within three months after graduation.

Ohio University

Ohio University offers students an online Master of Health Administration degree. With nationally-ranked graduate programs, Nobel Prize winners as faculty and a Princeton Review of a ?high quality of life? for students, the school is known for having a student-friendly atmosphere. Students can complete their degree totally online within two years, and then look forward to a long and satisfying career in healthcare administration.