Networking Today: A Guide for Business Professionals and College Graduates

Many business professionals and college graduates use the Internet frequently, but only a few of them know how to maximize the possibilities of the web for the advancement of their businesses and careers. The Internet is an effective networking tool that enables professionals to present themselves in a positive way to business associates and potential employers. Networking refers to the act of communicating with someone in the same industry outside normal working environment, and it is commonly done in job fairs, trade events, conferences, luncheons, and professional networking websites on the Internet.

Networking is essential because it provides an opportunity for business professionals and college graduates to converse with and impress industry professionals who may be able to help them advance their businesses or careers. It allows professionals to make useful contacts, gain more career options, learn more about their industries, and find solutions to problems that they are facing in their careers. According to the United States Department of Labor, approximately 70% of all jobs obtained in the country are secured through networking. This truly shows how important it is for professionals to improve their networking skills. Here are links to websites that contain excellent information on networking for business professionals and college graduates:

Why Networking?

How to Network?

Networking Platforms

Networking Dos and Don’ts

Using Networking to Build a Professional Identity

Using Networking to Get a Job

Additional Resources