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Online Masters Degree in Programming

Online master’s degree programs in programming teach students how to create practical software programs and overcome obstacles in the programming process. Students learn more about project management and the business side of software design than they would through an online bachelor’s degree in programming. Accredited online master’s degrees in programming cover many computer programming languages, like Java or C++, allowing students to develop programs on many platforms. Online master’s degree programming students will partake in advanced mathematic work and complete a capstone software design project before graduation. Graduates can continue toward their online PhD in programming to find work researching and designing new computer technologies and hardware as well as software programs.

What are the admission requirements for an online master’s in programming?

Top online masters degree programs in programming commonly require students to submit the following for admissions purposes:

  • Application form
  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Personal statement or Essay
  • Letters of recommendation

A bachelors degree in a programming related field is normally required of candidates for these programs. These fields may include:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Information Technology
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Mathematics
  5. Network Management

What types of online master’s degrees in programming can students pursue?

Students can pursue one of several different online masters degrees in programming at accredited online schools.

Specialties are often pursued by students, in order to become a specialist in a specific area.

Popular online areas of focus include:

  • Networking: Programming masters degree online students will learn how to develop computer networks capable of quickly transferring data and files. They will explore file transfer protocols for multimedia programs and the components of the Internet.
  • Information Security: Students will focus on developing programs containing sensitive information and programming security measures into these programs. They will debate issues in information privacy and discover encryption practices.
  • Database Systems: Online masters degree programming students will improve their ability to create and manage databases tailored to specific business needs. They will understand how to build file architectures for effective information database building and the use of search query functions.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Online programming masters degree students will discuss building computer programs that are meant to mimic human intelligence. They will take courses in cognitive science, image and data analysis as well as machine learning.
  • Multimedia: Students will explore the programming behind multimedia applications, especially video games and virtual reality programs. They will learn foundations in computer animation and physics as well as program development for many different consoles, including mobile devices.

What can students expect to learn in an online programming master’s degree program?

The best online master degree in programming curricula improve student skills in applying algorithmic code and designing software plans, while increasing their knowledge of programming languages, program architecture and human interactions with computers.

Some classes which are popular among students enrolled in top online masters programs in programming include:

  1. Applied Algorithms/Structures: This course shows students how crucial algorithms are to computer and program operation. Principles in command response, dynamic programming and analysis of running time are discussed in this class.
  2. Programming Languages: Programmers must understand how to use different programming languages in order to develop a program application that will run on an operating system. This course teaches the difference between functional and object-oriented languages as well as many different languages, such as Scala, Ruby or Scheme.
  3. Distributed Systems: This online master in programming class teaches students the foundations of several computer systems and how programs must be adjusted to fit different architectures. Topics include protocols for information transfers across networks and encrypting programs for compatibility with other systems.

What careers can students pursue after graduating from programming masters programs online?

There is a variety of different job options that online programming masters programs graduates may choose from.

Graduates can choose from the following careers, amongst others:

  1. Software Developer: Software developers design the plans for both operating systems that run computer hardware and the program applications that run on those operating systems. Operating systems software developers earn an average of $100,420 per year, while application developers earn $92,080 per year. Job opportunities are expected to rise by 30% between 2010 and 2020, which is much faster than the average occupational growth in America.
  2. Computer Programmer: Computer programmers take the designs engineered by software developers and write the code that runs the program off an operating system. The annual average wage for computer programmers is $76,010 per year as of May 2011. Job applicants can expect openings to increase by 12% before the year 2020.
  3. Computer Systems Analyst: These professionals analyze the computer systems in use by different businesses and provide recommendations to improve overall efficiency and program effectiveness. Computer systems analysts earn an average salary of $82,320 per year. Job growth in this field is predicted to increase by 22% in the coming years.
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